United Rack Services (URS) offers a comprehensive, independent evaluation of the overall condition of your warehouse or D/C.  Why the emphasis on safety? Why URS? Our program actually saves your organization money by identifying deficiencies in your racking system. This program is not simply a fork truck damage assessment. It is a comprehensive safety evaluation. Our trademarked process identifies problems within your system and provides  corrective measures your company can take to correct the issues before the  situation becomes critical. The savings realized by preventing a rack failure  or other incident is substantial.


  • If you wish to ensure that your installation meets the  requirements of the current health and safety regulations and the SEMA/RMI  Codes and Guidelines.
  • If there is a high degree of  activity in your warehouse, particularly where there is a risk of damage  to your installation by mechanical handling equipment.
  • If there is a need to identify  unsafe components in order to reduce the dangers of collapse.
  • If you have concern about the  possible risk of injury to personnel caused by continued use of damaged  racking.
  • If you are interested in saving  the hidden costs of an incident or collapse which could include: replacing  materials and damaged goods, use of temporary storage facilities, general  disruption, not forgetting the subsequent cost of any legal proceedings which may ensue.


  • A detailed report on the  condition of your racking and shelving in accordance with the European (EN 15635) Code  and Guidelines.
  • Details of all locations that  require attention.
  • General observations affecting  the safe working condition of your warehouse, including housekeeping,  pallets, floor, lighting, fork lift truck operations etc.
  • Layout drawings of your  installation (if desired), showing your location system – which is updated after each inspection.

We inspect all makes of racking  and shelving-in ambient, chill and cold store warehouses . We also archive and  document storage systems. Our comprehensive technical library covers the design  data of all North American manufacturers’. If you would like more information or for a free no obligation quote please call (630) 841-7256 and ask for Tom.

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