Founded in 2003 by Thomas Gibbs, United Rack Services has grown to become the recognized leader in the U.S. for pallet racking inspection services and warehouse safety training. We are the only completely independent rack safety consultant in the United States. Our unique three level risk assessment is performed without bias toward the sale of additional equipment. We are independent of any rack manufacturer, repair or installation company. We can help your company to protect its investments, not only in the racking, shelving and stock but also in your staff.

Our experience and common sense approach to rack safety enables us to offer you a racking inspection and racking inspection training service that is second to none. Using the independent knowledge and expertise of our personnel, we will provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that you are well on the way to complying with current codes of practice and legislation.

Many companies feel that, once installed, all types of pallet storage racking are a “set it… and forget it” application. However, that is a dangerous position to take when it comes to safety in your facility. Pallet storage racking, like any other equipment in your facility, requires regular inspection and maintenance for safe and efficient operation.

If you would like more information on these services, please follow the contact information below:

Contact: Thomas Gibbs
Phone: (630) 841-7256
E-Mail: thomasgibbs@comcast.net

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