United Rack Services offers a unique, comprehensive safety training package specifically focused on storage rack safety. It includes in-house training on recognizing trouble spots in the warehouse and provides employees with the tools necessary to identify defects and deficiencies in the racking system.

We have developed a program that will give you the confidence and knowledge to carry out a competent safety inspection on your racking systems.

This one day seminar will increase your ability to assess the potential dangers of racking systems, teach you how to plan your internal inspections and present evidence of what could happen if you don’t take care.

To maximize your training experience, we suggest that a baseline facility inspection be conducted prior to the training. Your training session will then include a customized presentation relating to the specific environment of your facility.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for these seminars is high. When you use the knowledge learned form the seminar, and put into practice an a management system on your racking, you will find a reduction in  repair and replacement costs and have less damage to valuable stock due to a decrease in damaged racking. These reductions will also significantly lower the risk of injury to personnel.

Topics covered in this course;
• Basic legislation (local or adopted policy)
• Industry standards, manufacturers rules
• Types of Storage Systems
• Rack components, their individual function
• Rack build and installation standards
• Loading capacities and load notices
• Altering the racking system, the consequences
• Operational clearances
• Operating aisles
• How to look for damage “hot spots” and hidden dangers
• The fork lift truck (MHE) driver
• Causes of damage
• Typical damages
• Repair standards – conforming and non-conforming repairs
• Rack protection – column guards, row end protection, etc.
• Safety planning, the need to inspect
• Measuring damage, industry standards
• Identifying the hazards
• Record keeping
• Lack of maintenance, “The Gamble”
• Be shown how to carry out a BASIC inspection by a professional
consultant. This person will demonstrate what to look for by utilizing
the correct tools.

The course should include a practical inspection to assess observation skills and damage recording for responsible personnel selected to undertake the periodic inspections.

For a free no obligation quote, please call Tom Gibbs at (630) 841-7256.

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Independent Rack Safety Inspections

United Rack Services has been providing rack safety inspection services to the North American market for over twenty years. We are the ONLY completely independent rack safety consultant in the U.S.

With our experience and common sense approach to rack safety we are able to offer you a racking inspection and racking inspection training service that is second to none within the industry. Our proprietary software programs have been specifically designed to facilitate rack safety inspections. The inspections are thorough, reliable and actionable.

Until such time as the U.S. market adopts or approves of a standard for rack safety inspections, we will continue to use the European standard – EN15635.

Please take a look around our website to learn more about the unique services we offer. If you would like more information on these services, please follow the contact information below:

Contact: Thomas Gibbs
Phone: (630) 841-7256
E-Mail: [email protected]