United Rack Services provides a professional, detailed, documented rack system safety inspection service empowering management and employees to take charge of warehouse operations safety.  The inspection itself is thorough, reliable and actionable. All inspections are carried out to the European  (EN 15635) Standard, RMI and ANSI codes of practice.

Our new proprietary software programs have been specifically designed to facilitate rack safety inspections. The unique three level risk assessment allows you to prioritize maintenance schedules and budgets. On completion a detailed risk assessment report will be delivered to you highlighting areas of damage and concern.

The three level risk assessment is broken out in the following hierarchy:


These are items which are severely damaged well beyond the limitations of the SEMA Code. In such circumstances, the racking should be immediately off loaded and isolated from future use until repair work is undertaken.


These items are damaged beyond the limits of the SEMA Code, but not sufficiently to warrant immediate off-load of the rack. The rack should be unloaded as soon as reasonably possible (normally within 4 weeks) and should not be re-used until repaired.


These items are damaged but are within code limitations. As such, they do pose an immediate safety risk but should be monitored.


URS inspection provides:
o A detailed report on the condition of racking and shelving based on up-to-date codes and guidelines.
o Details of all locations that require attention.
o General observations affecting safe working conditions of warehouse, including housekeeping, pallets, floor, lighting, lift truck operations, etc.
o Up-to-date layout drawings of your installation (if desired), showing your location system.

Whether you require an uncomplicated, straightforward racking inspection report detailing damages and advice on what to do, or you need to implement a full Rack Safety management system, with inspection schedules, log book implementation and racking inspection training, we can customize a solution for you.

United Rack Services can help you by using our years of experience in dealing with site specific requirements in developing on site racking inspection training and racking repair training courses to suit your individual racking safety needs.







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